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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

An Overview on Diabetic Neuropathy Treatment

By Hazel Mccoy

Diabetic neuropathy is one of the common complications of diabetes mellitus. Before discussing the diabetic neuropathy treatment, it would be better to discuss first what diabetic neuropathy is. The increased level of blood sugar impacts badly over the nerves. Hence a person becomes unable to get sensations. Mostly the nerves present in the hands and the feet are affected. In diabetes mellitus, glove and stocking type of numbness is developed. Hence a person would not be able to feel anything over his hands and feet.

Since the main culprit of diabetic neuropathy is the high blood sugar level. Therefore, it is necessary to control blood sugar level in order to decrease the symptoms of this problem. There are several ways via which a person can control his blood sugar level. First of all he should take the appropriate diet. The diabetic diet chart is available freely and could be obtained even from the internet. The tight sugar control is the essence for the prevention and cure of diabetic neuropathy.

Exercise plays important role in diabetic neuropathy treatment as well. An individual should perform exercise regularly since in this way, he would acquire good health, and can lower down his blood sugar level effectively.

There are some specific medications including insulin, which could be taken for this purpose. An individual is required to give more care to his hands and feet. A mild infection may generate a big problem. Soft shoes should be worn by those who cannot control their blood sugar by their own efforts. Proper washing and wearing of socks is also essential to prevent the development of diabetic foot.

This is not possible to get complete cure from diabetic neuropathy; however, this is rather possible to control the progress of illness and to suppress the symptoms. Some individuals may develop extreme pain at their feet and hands. In such cases, they are required to take painkillers regularly.

A diabetologist should be consulted at the initial stage, so that a person may avoid horrible complications in future. He can design a program for controlling the blood sugar level and can provide assistance in this regard.

For the sake of diabetic neuropathy treatment, a neurologist could also be consulted, who can give advice related to this condition, and helps a lot in decreasing the symptoms and progression of this illness. An individual should follow the advices given by doctors, if he would like to retard the illness and wants to live a happy and prosperous life.

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