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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Why Does a Bad Diet Affect Your Hypertension and Cholesterol

By Amanda Gamdana

While numerous people do not recognize this, hypertension and high cholesterol have been discovered to be linked to one another. There are numerous problems that can be caused by hypertension that had their beginnings in some other issue. For instance, high cholesterol levels can result in high blood pressure, which in turn may result in heart attacks, stroke or a great many other troubles such as an arterial blood vessel disease.

The U.S. is just one place that the problem is worsening as people live such underactive lifestyles, which is growing more common everyday in the diagnosis of hypertension, artery and cardiac conditions and a variety of other debilitating conditions. Truthfully, individuals eat far more than they ought to, they eat the wrong foods and don't exercise to keep their weight down. When you suffer with hypertension your heart literally works itself to destruction and cholesterol is one of the causes of hypertension. When the LDL cholesterol is advanced and the HDL cholesterol is low you are in peril of acquiring heart condition.

The continual elevated heart rate makes it work too hard over a prolonged period and in the end it will just stop working. What comes about when an individual has a heart attack is that fundamentally the heart has been worked to hard, to the level that it cannot function any more. The liver produces cholesterol so if you are lending to that with the foodstuffs you consume, the cholesterol levels will become extremely high. This can lead to heart disease when the arterial blood vessels grow impeded with calcium, cholesterol and fatty acids which in turn results in the arteries becoming tinier, so the heart works harder to pump the blood through.

There are also other causes of high blood pressure though for instance: diabetes, cancerous tumors, kidney disease but sodium, genetics, caffeine, alcohol and being overweight are all contributory elements. Stress is another cause of high blood pressure, nonetheless, the most usual reason is hypertension and high cholesterol when the diagnosing of other long-term illness is not diagnosed.

Observing a good cholesterol level is not as challenging as you might believe if you eat healthy and exercise on a regular basis - these are the main methods to reduce cholesterol levels. This is an superb tradeoff when you study the benefits of remaining healthy and keeping from developing hypertension which in turn will lead to other troubles.

You cannot entirely take cholesterol out of the scene because it is essential for your cells to function in the proper means. The key to managing cholesterol is to not to take to much of it and sustain the levels within a natural range, so consuming fast food all the time will raise cholesterol levels.

In addition to eating vegetables, fruits, grains and foods with low sodium levels, leave those with high fat. The thought is long term habits which will stop you from getting hypertension and high cholesterol in addition to better your health, so all you need to do is watch your diet and do some type of workout about 4 times each week.

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