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Friday, February 18, 2011

Avandia Lawyer - What Patients Should Be Aware of Before Finding an Avandia Lawyer

By Glen Bass

Each medication has side effects. There are those that has mild effects and there are those that can be life threatening. As for Rosiglitazone drugs for diabetes, like Avandia, it also has serious side effects. though they've already proven themselves as effective just like insulin sensitizers, these drugs can be potentially harmful to Type 2 diabetes patients. Due to this, you need to learn more about the potential dangers if using this drug.

Heart disease is considered to be the most common one of the side effects caused by Rosiglitazone diabetes medications. Several scientific studies have shown that the intake of this medication may interfere with the functioning of the heart's fat cells in an adverse way.

In one particularly study last 2007, they found out the risk of heart attack in diabetes patients who are using this drug has increased to 43%. Last 2010, an FDA representative stated officially that Rosiglitazone resulted to 300 more heart failures. This makes it more threatening than other drugs for treating Type 2 diabetes.

There were also reports that mention how stroke can be another potential side effect form the intake of Rosiglitazone diabetes drugs. The study which was published in 2010 had concluded how such medications can increase the risk of stroke among the elderly diabetes patients. This is by about 27%. There are still several studies that mentioned the risk of stroke which was due to these medications. It is noted to be statistically insignificant. This means, it is actually are for diabetes patients who are taking the drug to experience stroke caused by its use.

As for the manufacturer of this medication, they openly admitted the incidence about limb injuries among female diabetes patients who were taking Rosiglitazone. They said it is much higher as compared to those taking other kinds of drugs for diabetes. So the fractures in the arms and in the hands, legs or feet are all potential side effects of Rosiglitazone medications. This is since the active ingredient of these drugs work by affecting the body's fat cells and thus causing the serious side effects.

There are also reports that diabetes medications can also result to eye damage. It is even suggested that using these drugs based on its active ingredient and on the intake of diabetes drugs that come from other groups may actually lead to certain damages to the retina, macular edema as well as blindness. The illness itself can result to this eye condition. Later on, it can lead to total blindness. For this reason, any possibility of the medication contributing to eye damage cannot be unmistakably defined. However, there were reports of patients who have improved vision when the discontinued the drug treatment.

In rare cases, the intake of Rosiglitazone may result in acute hepatitis. The side effect usually takes place in the initial period of the intake of the respective medication. This side effect is more commonly observed in patients who have been impaired by hepatitis beforehand.

For individuals who are either suffering from or who have suffered from any of the Rosiglitazone side effects mentioned and were not warned about these risks, taking legal action in order to demand for compensation from the manufacturer of the drug is a good action to take. As per the manufacturer, they have received more than 10,000 lawsuit settlements in 2010.

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