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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Favorite Diabetic Desserts

By Leslie Hodges

There are plenty of diabetic desserts and other delicious desserts that are fine for diabetics to eat. So if you love your puddings and you have been diagnosed with diabetes, or if you are cooking for guests including one or more diabetics, do not despair. You have come to the right place.

Having sweet foods in moderation is the first thing you realize if you're diabetic. Living with diabetes is all about management and controlling the levels of glucose in the blood. For a type 1 diabetic, having more sugar and high carb foods usually means using more insulin to balance it out. For a type 2 diabetic, it may be better to cut down on the hugely high calorie desserts but you can still have a little, especially if you spread your meals through the day.

Eating too much dessert at one time would be the main risk for diabetics who love sweet things. Only make enough dessert for the number of people around the table and limit the number of servings in order to avoid this.

Based around whole fruit are the best diabetic desserts. Besides slowing down the rate of absorption of glucose from the food, the fiber in whole fruit also keeps the blood glucose levels more stable. You can top strawberries, blueberries and other delicious fruit with Splenda or another sweetener and yogurt or even a little fresh cream.

Suitable for diabetics are many low carb dessert recipes and you can do a little adaptation to them. Instead of crumbled cookies, make sugar free cheesecake by using graham cracker crumbs or any unsweetened crackers and replace sugar with sweetener. Choose Splenda if you are baking the cheesecake because it is one of the few sweeteners that keep their taste after cooking. Then follow your favorite cheesecake recipe.

Apple pie, pumpkin pie and other desserts based around whole fruit can be excellent diabetic desserts. Use sweeteners and low calorie ingredients when you can, and use a little less pastry. Better if you use pastry that's made with whole grain flour otherwise the diabetic may not eat the pastry so much. Use graham crackers or mix it with nuts if you're making a dessert with crumb topping.

One of the most popular diabetic desserts is frozen fruit yogurt. You can make it with just about any frozen fruit, such as raspberries, cherries, blueberries, peaches etc. A mixed pack of frozen berries is perfect. Add low calorie yogurt and sweetener, and put everything into an ice cream maker. What you can do if you don't have an ice cream maker is use a blender but serve it immediately.

Buying expensive diabetic chocolate bars is not important for diabetics who love chocolate. With cocoa powder, you can make wonderful diabetic desserts which is powdered chocolate without fat or sugar. You can make a simple and delicious chocolate mousse by blending one tablespoon of cocoa powder with a couple of bananas.

The possibilities practically has no limits. Give your imagination a free rein and with a little creativity you will be able to adapt almost any recipe to produce delicious diabetic desserts of your own.

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