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Saturday, February 12, 2011

How Sugar Crush Works For Type 2 Diabetes

By Daniel Frock

It's no secret that Sugar Crush is one of the hottest diabetic supplements on the market, but does it really live up to all the hype surrounding it? I wanted to take this question head on by doing my own research in order to determine if Sugar Crush is indeed a legitimate product for the diabetic community.

I must say that the first thing that really impressed me when doing my research was the transparency that the manufacturer offers. NaturEra is not shy about sharing exactly what is in their product, which was very comforting to me. Each of the ingredients in Sugar Crush comes from organic herbs that help to control diabetes.

After checking out the ingredients found in this product, I then moved on to actual medical publications and research that backs up Sugar Crush. NaturEra, the manufacturer, was also a fantastic resource as they have links to all of the publications that back up their product.

I was amazed at the amount of positive reviews from prestigious sources such as the Diabetes Magazine and the 70th Annual Scientific Session just to name a few. While I won't go into all of the medical journals and other publications that have written about this product, I will say that I was definitely convinced that this product had undergone the research and testing in order to be mentioned by these sources.

Since I don't have diabetes, I approached a family member that does and persuaded him to try Sugar Crush. He agreed to try the supplement for 90 days while keeping track of his blood sugar levels to see if the product indeed helps. The results that my family member experienced were very positive as Sugar Crush helped him to maintain healthy blood sugar levels during the trial. He also experienced an increase in energy and even lost 10 pounds during this trial period.

After reading, researching, and seeing the results for myself, I definitely would recommend Sugar Crush to any diabetic looking to healthily maintain their sugar levels. Stop buying gimmicky products and start using Sugar Crush as it has the research and the results to back it up.

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