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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Recognizing Major Diabetes Indicators

By Miranda Jacks

Diabetes is a disease that hurts people of any age. There are two strains of Diabetes: Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 is mainly hereditary and genetic. Type 2 is usually the result of lifestyle and environmental factors. While the disease is not always entirely avertable, for the most part it can be warded off for quite awhile. One of the best ways to get as much control over the disease as possible is to learn how to recognize the major diabetes symptoms. Once you are able to put your finger on the major indicators of this disease, you'll have better odds of dealing with it and not let it disturb your life in any huge way.

One of the most common signs of diabetes is fatigue. Yes, fatigue is a sign of an array of issues. There are times it can be an indication of a major sickness. Other times it just means you need to get more sleep. However, when it is occurring because of diabetes, the fatigue is outrageous. Someone dealing with this type of fatigue probably gets more than enough sleep at night and, even if he is not very active, will often feel absolutely exhausted. This is the kind of fatigue that is often associated with mononucleosis and can be just as debilitating. Watch out for your energy levels. If you don't see any reason why you're feeling so dang tired, consult your medical professional and see if they'll do some testing.

Do you find yourself getting irritable without any environmental factors helping you out? While every one has bad moods occasionally, unexplainable irritability could be caused by issues with your blood sugar levels. If your blood sugar levels are unstable, it is a sure sign to get checked for diabetes. The increased irritability is caused by the body not properly processing food anymore. If you cannot find another reason for your sudden mood swings, talk to your doctor about being tested for diabetes or hypoglycemia.

How frequently do you use the restroom in a day? This is seemingly something you prefer not to answer out loud. You should at least give an answer to the question in your head. While some may say that is it actually the excessive thirst diabetes sign that causes this excessive urination, physicians insist that it is a symptom all on it's own. If you find that you constantly have to use the bathroom-even if you aren't eating or drinking a lot-you should call your doctor and ask for your potassium and bladder function to be checked. It is highly imaginable that when the physician tests you out, they may uncover diabetes.

Symptoms of diabetes can and do vary from one person to the next. Because of the different types of diabetes, it will affect everyone differently. There are cases where the only reason the diabetes was discovered was the person was undergoing other tests. It is possible that the person can be misdiagnosed even after displaying symptoms. You can help your doctor make the right diagnosis by telling them if you are suffering with any of these symptoms.

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