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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ever Wish You Had Flat Abs?

By Bart Forcey

A flat belly is the goal of many people; are you one of them? These days we have a more sedentary lifestyle, access to pre-prepared and highly processed food and are spoiled for choice with food. All this has given us the flabby belly. But there is something that we can do about getting a toned, flat tummy. You can do some of the best workout for flat abs at home easily and without a lot of expensive gym equipment.

It all starts with what you eat. Yes, of course you have heard it all before! That's because it is correct. We eat too much and move too little. To lose that rounded belly, we need to burn fat and build muscle. The best way to do that is to eat less and move more; we need to burn more calories than we eat each day.

Before beginning a workout regimen, think about what you eat and maybe make some changes. Try eating 5 or 6 smaller meals or snacks a day; this increases your metabolism and stops you feeling hungry. Make protein your friend as it builds muscle, and muscle burns more calories than fat. Go for a variety of lean protein and don't forget about dried beans, lentils, nuts and seeds.

You need a balanced diet of protein, carbohydrate and fat, so eat vegetables, fruit, wholegrain cereals and breads to get your carbs, and nuts for the good fats. You need a minimum 8 glasses of water a day, sufficient sleep and rest and to stay away from fast food and anything that is overly processed.

An important step in your flat abs workout is to get active. Aim for 30 minutes of physical activity every day, with a cardio session on 5 days of the week. You can walk, use a treadmill or rower, cycle, run or swim - enough to get your heart rate up and to be breathing harder than usual. While you are doing cardio exercise you are burning extra fat, building and toning muscle, increasing your general fitness and mobility and preparing your abs for stronger exercise.

Strength training and specific abs exercises are among the best workout for flat abs. Strength training focusing on muscles in the torso, including the abdominals, will strengthen the core, improve coordination and balance and enable you to perform more difficult abs exercises. Always warm up before strength training, with some light cardio and stretches, and do the same to cool down afterwards.

Strength exercises can be using machines at a gym, but you can also use your own body weight as the resistance in strengthening exercises like The Plank, The Side Plank and Oblique Crunches. Research online and you will find lots of different abs strengthening exercises that don't require specific equipment, but will be a great part of your best workout for flat abs.

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