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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Use Stevia Liquid Sweetener In Place Of Sugar

By George Napoli

If you're a diabetic, it can be difficult to maintain a "normal for you" blood sugar on a daily, if not hourly basis. If you have other health concerns you may also have to be weary of what you can eat. This means you're limited on the amount of carbohydrates you can indulge on as well as juices, sodas and sweet treats. You do not have to go without your craving getting some satisfaction, just keep a container of Stevia Liquid Sweetener on hand.

Stevia comes from all natural ingredients and organic herbs. It's the ideal replacement for sugar since it is 300 times sweeter. Only a few drops will sweeten your drinks perfectly. Not only does it taste great, it's also fat free, calorie free and carbohydrate free.

You will not have any trouble at restaurants or a friends house because it is packaged in a very easy to carry . 5 ounce container with 75 servings each. You can order a glass of ice water or tonic water with a slice of your favorite fruit or lemon, add in a couple drops and you have a very refreshing spritzer. It makes a great alternative to calorie packed juices and sodas.

When brewing up your cup of coffee or tea, you would typically need a couple tablespoons of sugar or packets of artificial sugar products, instead, just add a few drops for the same results. All of that sugar is bad for your teeth, weight, blood sugar and overall health. The artificial packets are full of chemicals and artificial ingredients.

Baking and cooking with Stevia takes out all the guilt from your apple pie, chocolate cake and oatmeal cookies. It mixes great into dressings and batters as well as jellies jams and homemade whip cream. You can add it to plain yogurt with berries and granola for the perfect breakfast treat.

Stevia Liquid Sweetener is a delicious and safe alternative to sugar for everyone. It does not contain any sugar, saccharin, fructose, maltodextrin, aspartame, F. O. S., or artificial sweeteners and is organic and natural. Start getting healthier today and eliminate sugar from many parts of your diet.

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