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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Several Tips To Sell Diabetes Test Strips

By RJ Chrisarand

Devices for monitoring diabetes are constantly being upgraded as technological advances in the procedures are made. Therefore, it is not uncommon for an individual who has this condition to change or upgrade their monitoring device on a fairly regular basis. Unfortunately, each device requires the use of specific strips that do not work in other systems. When you can sell diabetes test strips, it is easier to make the transition to new devices for less expense.

An individual who has a large quantity of testing products on hand that they can no longer use, is often unaware that they can recover part of their investment by simply selling the items. When you what to get rid of your testing products online, it will be important to follow some easy steps to make the transaction easier.

Before you begin looking for purchases of the products, check your supply of extra products and check to make sure the boxes are unopened and undamaged. Packaging should be intact and there should not be a statement on the box that the items may not be resold or are part of a medi-cal/medi-care program. When items are provided to you through Medi-cal or Medicare, they cannot be resold, however, since they are not prescription items, they can be resold otherwise.

Purchasing sites will have detailed information about the types of supplies they buy. They will also have a form that you will complete which will contain information about the supplies you are selling and the expiration date of the products. Prices vary among purchasing sites and you will want to check the company to make sure that it is reliable and has a history in the industry.

The buyers do not accept some products such as lancets or test meters. Some purchasers have other conditions on the types of items they will buy, so reading the website carefully will help you to get the most money for your items and save you time. Once you have completed the on-line form and provided information about your items, the purchasing site will let you know what you can expect to get for the items you are selling.

You can get information on the most reliable purchasers from community chat forums that are for diabetics. This will also give you the chance to talk to other individuals who may have the same issues and challenges as you and be able to share information about how they were able to address their diabetes in a proactive manner.

Comparing the prices that are offered by purchasing websites will give the ability to get the best price for your items. In many cases, there are special incentives when there are a larger number of products sold. By contacting providers and getting top money, you can get back some of the money that you have spent on the items that you have on hand, but will be unable to use.

By spending some time researching the different opportunities, you can learn how to sell your diabetes test strips quickly and easily. The company that you choose should have support staff available to answer any questions you may have and will provide you with all of the information you need to make your transaction smooth. In most cases, money for the testing products will be received within 3-6 weeks.

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