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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Loss Of Your Unwanted Body Fat That Is Permanent

By Cameron Braeboy

When you see unwanted fat around your belly or on your buttocks or hips or thighs or wherever it may be, you would help yourself to acknowledge that you put it there. For sure, there are times when mother nature contributes to it. But the fact that it is still there, has nothing to do with mother nature. It is still there solely because of you.

You may be giving yourself excuses for it, but the truth is that the fat is still there, only because you permit it. You have the power to decide whether it stays or goes. If you decide to allow it to stay, you need to learn to live with it. To lose it, you must take effective action.

There is a 3 step formula for losing your unwanted fat, that is actually quite simple. Step 1 is to decide to lose it. Step 2 is to learn how to lose it. Step 3 is to take action on what you have learned in step 2.

Step 3 is the easiest of the steps, when steps 1 and 2 have been done with care. Step 2 can be a pitfall, because too many people omit it. They think that they already know how to do it, when they dont. They go straight on to step 3 from step 1, using incorrect information. Not only does this result in fat loss failure, but it denies them the information that has been proven to bring about the permanent loss of fat.

The most likely reason that you see your unwanted fat in the mirror, is that you have never really done step one. The decision to lose your fat has to be accompanied by a strong intention on your part to achieve it. That intention must be unalterable. You must be willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve a permanent loss of fat, because it will require you do things that are not easy to do. Have you made the decision to do it yet?

Thought Precedes Action

A truism has emerged from various studies done of successful people from many walks of life. When they addressed their own thinking about what they were trying to achieve, and they got their thinking right, they achieved their objectives.

A less than optimum condition in your life can be improved, if you change your own thinking about it. People have changed their lives, by changing their thinking.

You can apply this truism to any area of your life, including the loss of your unwanted fat. When you get your thinking right about losing your unwanted fat, the fat loss will follow.

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