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Monday, February 28, 2011

Orthopedic Socks: The Foot Pain Reliever

By Slade Keegan

There are shoes present today that help people with foot issues, and there are also socks that do the same. Plantar fasciitis is the condition you call when one feels pain on their plantar fascia, this is the strip of connective tissues that support the arch of the foot. This pain is usually felt in the morning when you wake up, particularly on your first few steps as you get up from bed. This is something to worry about because if left untreated, you might one day be unable to walk because the pain will worsen.

People who are commonly targeted by this condition are athletes. Athletes practice almost every day to become better at the sport they love. Sports, especially outdoor sports, make use of our legs. The plantar fascia becomes inflamed when excessive stress is put into it, this will result in a torn tissue which leads to pain. Some shoes that are ill-fitted may also cause plantar fasciitis. When you have this condition, the pain is usually felt in the morning when you wake up.

To better understand how orthopedic socks work you should first know how one acquires plantar fasciitis. Think of a large rubber band, this rubber band represents the tissue within your sole. If you have plantar fasciitis, this rubber band contracts when you rest or sleep. If you try to move to take a step forward, the movement causes the rubber band to stretch, when it does it will produce pain, you will then need orthopedic socks.

These specially designed socks will put your calf and arch of your foot in a neutral to stretched position so that your plantar fascia will be unable to contract while you rest or sleep. As a result, you will feel less or no pain at all when you take your first few steps in the morning once you get out of bed. You will find orthopedic socks to be comfortable, they are designed to have a snugged fit but doesn't have too much pressure that other socks do which tends to squeeze your foot until it gets numb. The materials used are mostly cotton to prevent irritating ridges.

To clarify things, orthopedic socks do not cure plantar fasciitis, they are footwear that help in relieving pain in the morning. Professionals who do medical care and treatment on the human foot, also known as podiatrists, believe that wearing orthopedic socks help in healing those torn muscles quicker because of what it does to the foot. It will guide the tissue so that it won't get more damaged and, at the same time, heal faster. Socks are more affordable so they have an edge over shoes. Another thing to clear things up is that you do not wear orthopedic socks all the time, it isn't practical, only wear them when you're at home de-stressing.

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