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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Nice Weekday Dinner Is Pizza Delivery

By Marcus Hall

Today the majority of households have two working parents who can find it overwhelming, at times, to come home after a long day and start cooking a healthy three-course meal. One of the best inexpensive solutions is to order pizza delivery or takeaway.

Pizza delivery is a very healthy choice depending on the toppings chosen to put on the crust. With several types of crusts to choose from along with all the toppings, keeping the pie healthy can become a bit overwhelming. It is healthiest to stick with vegetables and tomato sauce on a thin crust. If meat is desired chicken is a low fat option. If flavour is what you seek, the choices are abundant with toppings of nuts, herbs, spices, and even fruits. Flavoured crusts are becoming more and more common along with crusts stuffed with cheese. Most pizzerias offer appetizers, salads, desserts and beverages to accompany your meal; with all the choices pleasing family members will be easy to do.

When ordering pizza delivery via phone always ask for what special is offered. It is common for pizzerias to offer a daily special not advertise elsewhere. If ordering over the Internet, as is commonly done nowadays, the specials will be advertised on the website. Most pizzerias will call to confirm the pizza order is legitimate; this happens whether the order is via phone or Internet.

Pizza delivery is not an easy job for the one delivering the pizza. It is common courtesy to tip the delivery person when there is no delivery surcharge. Even if a surcharge exists it is courteous to tip considering the cost of fuel and especially if the pizzas arrive hot and in a timely manner.

Takeaway, takeout or pizza delivery is truly one of the best options out there for a healthy meal which can be enjoyed by all members of your family. It is quick, easy and inexpensive. All it requires is for one to keep in mind healthy food choices in order to create the best pie possible for your family.

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