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Friday, February 11, 2011

High Blood Pressure Doesn't Have To Be A Life Sentence

By Bart Forcey

What are your current prescription medications doing for your body? If you are suffering through a lot of side effects, it may be time to join thousands of other people who are using herbs for high blood pressure treatment. Not only can this be a more efficient way of treating the problem without side effects, but it could save you some money as well.

What most people like about these supplements is that they are usually completely natural without the chemicals and other processing that you get with other medications. Studies are still being carried out on which ones are the most effective and what the optimal dosages may be, but thousand of people are already effectively using these herbal remedies with great success.

The supplements that come in natural states are better for you, as they don't contain the chemicals to keep them fresh longer. The purer your herbal source the better it will be for your health. A quick list of some of the most commonly used herbs would include parsley, hawthorne, juniper, dandelion, yarrow, and fennel. If you talk with a doctor or do a little research you will find a wide variety of others that are very effective as well.

Never combine herbs such as these with a prescription medication unless you have cleared it with your doctor. You may also want to find out more about the safe dosages of your chosen supplements before you start taking them. Herbs are the basis of medication as well so if you are taking something you need to clear the combination with a doctor. Of course, you want to check into the combination of different herbs with one another as well to eliminate chances of interaction.

Whether you are taking herbal supplements, prescription medications, or a combination of both, you can improve your results by making key lifestyle changes. For starters, find a way to add more activity into your daily life. Even if you just take a moderately paced walk around the block in the evening you could still reap the benefits.

You need to watch what you are eating, especially your salt intake. It may surprise you to take a look at the sodium in just one can of soup, which is otherwise completely healthy. Salt is most likely to be packed into pre-packaged foods so try to stick with whole grains, fruits and vegetables as much as possible.

Using herbs for high blood pressure can be an effective way to get the condition under control without suffering through medications with severe side effects. If you can, consult with a doctor before starting any supplementation chances are higher of getting the most effective forms and in the proper dosage.

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