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Monday, February 7, 2011

Best Diets To Lower Blood Sugar

By James Conte

In a randomized study conducted in Naples, Italy, in 2009, researchers concluded that people who followed a low carbohydrate Mediterranean type diet, less than fifty percent of each days calories from carbohydrates, as compared to people who followed a low fat diet, less than 30% of each days calories from fat, were less likely to have to begin taking medication for diabetes. After four years the study concluded, it was discovered, at this point, that 44% of participants on the low carb diet needed to be placed on blood glucose lowering medications, whereas seventy percent of participants who followed the low fat diet needed this medication. Of course in all cases, lowering your body weight will help, however engaging in a quick weight loss diet, can be tricky for diabetics.

I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in April of 1988. I tried the American Diabetes Association diet. After engaging in this diet, my blood sugar levels continued to rise. I was prescribed oral medications that had to be adjusted frequently. My doctor didn't seem to have the answer, because what I was doing did not help much.

Eventually, I tried the Atkins low carbohydrate diet. In about a month, my blood sugar levels were significantly lower, and I reduced my reliance on medications. In another month, I was able to stop taking diabetes medications altogether. In addition, I lost weight, which helped. The doctors were surprised at the results of my blood sugar tests, and advised me to continue with my current course of action. My physician had misgivings regarding the Atkins diet, but my results spoke for themselves. A good thing about this diet is that it helped me lose weight as well, it wasn't rapid weight loss, but it was steady.

There are some diets, like the Mediterranean Diet that are healthy, but are composed of too many simple carbohydrates for a diabetic. When I first became a diabetic, I was informed that any alcoholic beverage would have adverse effects on my blood sugar. For me, this was an unfortunate fact, but I remembered it well.

In 1997, Dr. Richard K. Bernstein came out with his book, Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution. Many people swear by his program and are able to control their blood glucose levels and their weight, without the need to take any diabetes medication.

Both the Atkins Diet and Dr. Bernstein's program can be found online. All the information on the Atkins site is free of charge and it even allows you to chart your progress.

Dr. Bernstein's web site gives you a link for ordering a HbA1c test that you can perform yourself for about fifteen dollars. and it gives you results in just 5 minutes, without the need to mail a blood sample anywhere.

You can consult with a physician, but in the end, the responsibility is your own. Check out various options, and select one that works for you. It's your health!

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