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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Do You Need To Know About Signs Of Diabetes In Children? Read Here.

By Douglas Brown

The above normal concentration of glucose in blood is caused by a metabolic disorder called as diabetes. Depending on the cause, it is classified as Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. When the body doesn't produce enough insulin to digest excess glucose in blood, type 1 occurs and when body cells are not able to use insulin efficiently - a condition called insulin resistance, type two occurs.

Diabetes, if untreated, can be a debilitating disease that kills slowly but surely. Glaucoma, nerve damage, kidney failure etc are the long term effects. In case of children it becomes all the more important that diabetes is diagnosed at the earliest.

Look for the following signs of diabetes in children:

Type 1 diabetes symptoms:

* Slow or retarded development: Diabetes damages body tissue and slows down natural growth and development, children with diabetes are generally underdeveloped compared to their peers.

* Fatigue: Laziness, fatigue and lack of energy are prominent symptoms.

* Weight loss: Some children lose weight rapidly and have a frail and lean appearance.

* Hunger and Elevated thirst : As the body is starved of energy frequency of urination, thirst and hunger generally increases.

* Other symptoms include low blood pressure and drowsiness.

Type 2 diabetes symptoms:

* Obesity: One of the most prominent indicators of type 2 diabetes is obesity. Body cells absorb glucose but are not able to digest it, so the glucose gets stored as fat resulting in childhood obesity.

* Note that children with a family history of diabetes are much more likely to inherit it.

* Extreme and frequent hunger is a common indicator; body cells cannot digest glucose due to insulin tolerance resulting in hunger. Blood glucose levels increase due to consumption of food.

* High blood glucose levels trigger the development of dark skin patches, especially in the neck and toe regions. * Note that children with type 2 diabetes are a at higher risk of developing cardiovascular diseases if the condition is left untreated.

These are the general signs of diabetes in children, if your children have any of the above symptoms have then tested immediately.

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