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Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Continuous Glucose Monitor Has Big Benefits For Those With Diabetes

By Ned Dagostino

The continuous glucose monitor is the best way for diabetics to keep a constant record of their glucose levels.

Diabetes is on the rise for numerous reasons. Anything from poor eating habits to lack of exercise to stress may be involved. And of course the genes passed to us through our mothers and fathers also plays a part. And if diabetics want to ward off a number of potentially serious complications of the condition, it is imperative that they keep a detailed watch on their blood sugar levels.

We all have busy lifestyles, and it may be difficult to make the trip to a health care provider to get your blood sugar levels checked. And there are times when we need more than a periodic check of our levels with a standard home meter. The continuous glucose monitor takes care of this trouble; at least on a temporary level.

Diabetics can now take 288 measurements of glucose daily with the latest device. You can basically go about the business of living even as your levels are being recorded constantly.

Blood sugar can be measured for three days as the system includes a blood sugar sensing device known as a sensor positioned under the stomach skin. You just go about your daily activities with no interruption.

The continuous glucose monitor would measure the level of glucose every ten seconds and wire transfer the information to a pager like mechanism that's fastened to your waist. For a three day period this pager like gadget records information in 5 minute intervals.

There's nothing for you to do. It is all automatic and completely up to the monitor to keep a watch on your levels. All the information is then utilized by your medical professional for several purposes. He can make modifications to your prescriptions or propose modifications to your daily routine.

This monitor is by no means designed to replace typical methods of checking your glucose. The continuous glucose monitor is not designed or approved for long term use. At least not yet, but we are heading in that direction. For the time being, this is not something you'll wear every single day for the rest of your life. However trends in your glucose levels will now be simple to discover. Your health care provider can take the required actions with the assistance of the available accurate information. With the scientific records and tendencies right there in front of him, his decisions will likely be more on target. After you stop wearing the monitor all of the stored information is simply uploaded to a computer and given to your doctor.

Because blood sugar levels can travel up or down at any time for diabetics, the condition is known as the silent killer. If your levels typically fall too low as you sleep, your medical professional will know. This is the type of pattern and data that was not easily accessible before the continuous glucose monitor. If you are diabetic and do not know what is happening inside at all times your health is at risk. By supplying your medical professional with pattern information that is regularly updated, the continuous glucose monitor can be a huge benefit to you.

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