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Saturday, February 5, 2011

What Is The Secret To Ripped Abs?

By Bart Forcey

Your abdominals are muscles that generally require a bit of effort to keep lean and attractive. However it's not impossible to get ripped abs quick if you are smart about exercise and diet to achieve that sexy six pack look you want. Think of how great it'll be when you are the object of admiration among your friends.

Remember that we have to focus on two areas of our abdomen. First the upper abdomen and second, the lower abdomen. When combining an exercise which burns the fats and tightens these two section simultaneously, you will get ripped abs quick.

Before you start exercising you need to warm up your entire body and take it though a series of stretching exercises. There are a number of ways to achieve this including climbing stairs, jumping, sprinting, etc. will all help in burning fat and calories. However these need to be done on a regular basis.

Train in short spurts or intervals is recommended since doing only high intensity exercises has been shown to tire you out faster without giving you the desired result. So, it's important that your exercise routines work up to increasing intensity and back down to a slower pace to give your metabolism a boost and burn fat quicker.

Crunches and sit ups in order to tighten those abs should start with ten at a time and then slowly work yourself up to twenty to thirty for each set. Don't overdo it. This can actually defeat the purpose by causing your body to feel fatigued. Rest between every couple of sets.

You need to focus on your diet in addition to your exercise routine as it is very important if you are to be successful in your goal to get ripped abs quick. You need to keep your calorie intake to levels that promote weight loss, but once you've achieved that, maintain those levels as well as a good balance of proteins and complex carbohydrates in your food. Some fat will be necessary to maintain a healthy body, so don't avoid that totally. Drink lots of water and for a change in pace, plain green tea is also helpful in burning fat.

If you want to get ripped abs quick, you need to stay on task and stick with a daily exercise routine that along with the right diet will allow you to lose body fat, increase your metabolism and start toning and conditioning your body. Soon enough, those sexy six pack abs will reveal themselves!

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