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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pre Diabetic? Here Are Some Diet Tips You Should Know

By Becky Wolfe

If a pre diabetic diet is what your doctor advised you to follow, chances are you've been diagnosed with insulin resistance or pre-diabetes. According to your blood glucose test, your body is becoming resistant to insulin. Your blood glucose is probably higher than normal, although not high enough to give a diagnosis of diabetes. However, you need to take steps now to avoid becoming diabetic.

Diabetes is a serious illness and it can have significant complications. Suffering from damage to the circulation, arteries, and nerves are the diabetics. The results of these problems include impotence, kidney failure, strokes, and impaired vision. You may want to avoid these things.

People with a diagnosis of pre diabetes are lucky in many ways. There's still time to turn things around because they had a warning. A few changes to your lifestyle could mean that you can escape ever having a diagnosis of diabetes.

Following a pre diabetic diet will be the most important thing that you can do for your health right now. If you are overweight, your doctor will probably have recommended that you try to reduce your weight. The changes you make to when and what you eat is as important as trying to reduce calories.

Increasing the amount of fiber that you eat and cutting down on sugar and refined carbs is one of the most important factors in a pre diabetic diet. Try to follow some of these pre diabetic diet tips:

Instead of fruit juice, choose whole fruit. Juice has had the fiber removed so its natural sugars are absorbed into the bloodstream much faster, causing the blood sugar spike that you want to avoid if you are trying to normalize your blood glucose levels.

When it comes to potatoes and other root vegetables, it's better if you don't peel them. The peel contains more fiber. You should buy the organic kind in order to avoid the pesticide that may be found in the peel. If you like food from fast food restaurants like pizza and burgers, try making them at your home instead. Besides using whole grain bread, you can also use less fat and end up with fewer calories.

Eat meals at regular times. This will improve the regulation of your blood sugar. You may have had a sugar rush after eating and had a low a few hours later so you need to choose foods that are lower on the glycemic index and eat more often.

If you're sleepy after you ate, then it's possible you ate too much. What you can do is have a salad or eat more greens before your main course. Doing this can fill the stomach without taking too many calories.

Besides a pre diabetic diet, doing regular exercise is also important. To keep your systems running smoothly and regulate your blood glucose levels, do some physical activity every day. Even though what you do depends on your fitness levels, you still need to at least take a half hour walk every day.

Your body can effectively use insulin with the help of exercise. When you're effectively using insulin, blood glucose will then be converted to energy. If not, then it will be turned to fat. Blood sugar levels are regulated with the help of exercise. But the effect only lasts for between 12 and 48 hours, so it is important to exercise every day if you have pre diabetes. Of course, this is in addition to following your pre diabetic diet.

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