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Monday, February 28, 2011

What Are the Symptoms of Diabetes?

By Marvin Kimber

What made you land on this article? Are you still guessing if you have a disease? Still confused and becoming very much worried about your health? Fret not. Some people deny the fact that something is wrong with their health and their body system, but good thing, you are looking for an answer to what you are really feeling today.

Answer the following questions, honestly: Do you urinate frequently that you think it's not normal anymore? Do you get dehydrated easily and always find the need to drink water even though you just drank a glass of it? Do you feel tired that easily? Do people around you notice that you are becoming more irritated nowadays than before? Do you lose weight excessively even if you are not really into a diet? Then it's positive. You are experiencing and exhibiting some of the symptoms of diabetes.

Diabetes mellitus or simply diabetes, as often called, is oftentimes neglected or denied by the people who experienced the symptoms stated above due to the thought that the symptoms are harmless and appear normal. However, people do not realize the importance of early detection of diabetes so as to minimize its effect on the human body. If you experience excessive thirst, frequent urination, unwanted weight loss, sudden exhaustion and irritability, then you are diabetic.

Other symptoms of diabetes such as having a blurred vision, numbness on different parts of your body, most especially in the hands and feet, bruises that seem too long to recover and heal, and recurring infections in your bladder, gum, skin, or reproductive organ suggests that you must see a doctor immediately.

Notwithstanding the two types of diabetes, both have the same symptoms. However, the type 2 diabetes afflicts more people than the type 1 diabetes. The symptoms of diabetes sometimes take years before the disease will be detected. When the patient is diagnosed of diabetes, oftentimes, he/she already has a complication. It is then important to have your family doctor check your health regularly to be able to track these symptoms so that you can immediately change the way you live and the way you eat.

The earlier you detect these symptoms and the doctor to diagnose it, the better. See your family doctor today if you feel you are experiencing the symptoms mentioned above. You can ask for you to run a blood test to ensure that you have or you do not have diabetes.

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